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What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?
Please refer to https://grocerys.ie/delivery-charges/ for delivery charges
Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express and Paypal. All our payments are secure and processed using Paypal Payments. We don't store any of your credit or debit card details.
How long will delivery take?
Delivery estimate is 2 - 3 working days within Ireland and 3 - 4 working days outside Ireland
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?
Yes. All your data are protected. We don't store any of your credit or debit card details.
Do you deliver other than Dublin?
Yes. We deliver all over Europe. Provided Frozen or Milk or Meat/Chicken/Fish/Egg not in order.
Will your vegetables and meats be fresh?
Yes. We deliver orders with vegetables and meats within 1 hour of packing from our shop.
What exactly happens after ordering?
Once we receive your order we pack in a secured packing and deliver it on same day or next day if order placed after 12PM.
Do I receive an invoice for my order?
Yes. You will receive invoice with amount ordered, VAT and delivery charges.
How do I pay for a grocerys.ie purchase?
grocerys.ie offers you multiple payment methods. You may use Secured online payment using Debit/Credit card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Cash on Delivery to make your purchase. All payments are processed securely by Paypal.
Are there any hidden charges when I make a purchase on grocerys.ie?
There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on grocerys.ie. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you pay. Delivery charges may be extra depending on the seller policy. Delivery charges vary from 3 to 5 euros depending on location within Dublin
Do you offer Cash on Delivery?
Yes. We offer Cash On Delivery ONLY WITHIN DUBLIN. We collect money while delivering your product.
How do I pay using a credit/debit card?
You can pay using Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners and American Express credit/debit card. All payments are processed by Paypal.
Do you store or use credit or debit card details if I pay by credit/debit card?
NO. We don't store any of your credit or debit card details. All payments are processed by Paypal.
Can I use my bank's Internet Banking feature to make a payment?
Yes. grocerys.ie offers you the convenience of using your bank's Internet Banking service to make a payment towards your order. With this you can directly transfer funds from your bank account, while conducting a highly secure transaction. You will receive our bank details in your order email